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Why we are SecureTech Assets Solutions

SecureTech Assets Solutions Limited(SASL) was formed with a vision of being the best company of its kind in the industry. We are a new generation company that takes extreme pride in creating professional solutions that are designed and based on innovative concepts and ideas, and that utilise the latest technology available to provide ASSET MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS.

With a staff having over 60 years of combined systems integration experience in our chosen markets, we have provided total solutions to many corporate clients ranging from logistics, banks, and industrial clients to smaller start up businesses. Many of these projects required specialized integration between differing products, which when combined, provided a holistic and cost effective solution.

Securetech Assets Solutions provides superior solutions, through a dynamic design centre that is comprised of experienced industry veterans, highly charged technology enthusiasts and top quality products. To further enhance our product offering we match this, with a high quality support service that has no equal.

Servicing our client’s needs is our prime focus, and this is one of the key areas which have contributed to our success. We believe quite simply that if we have satisfied clients they represent the best marketing option available.

Integrated Systems

Securetech Assets Solutions utilizes a wide range of international products that comply with both USA and European quality standards, these products are hosted on secure integration platforms capable of supporting even the most difficult of applications. Exploiting applications relevant to every major industry, and tools for interaction to any business application, we also provide more extensive support than that offered by any other solutions provider.

Solutions can be easily expanded to support other cutting edge technologies and a wide range of ERP systems, thus providing a common thread of information from the monitoring and control process through to the back office requirements.

By utilizing open architecture system design and in-house development skills, we can easily integrate with other third party systems. Whether it is a simple monitoring solution or a more complex combined control and reporting requirement such as the integration of a fuel, load and transport requirement, we can deliver a cost effective solution with ease.

Asset Management quite simply is the use of technology to protect and monitor the usage and efficiency of any asset that is on a balance sheet, this can range from your biggest asset (your people), through to cars, trucks, warehouse stock, fuel, laptops, desktops, or even aircraft!