• Fleet Telematic Solution

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Vehicle Telematics and Vehicle Tracking technology can deliver many opportunities to increase the efficiency, productivity and accountability of your organisation. Implementing our Fleet Telematics solution will lead to increased productivity, reduced operational costs, improved customer service, and enhanced security for both driver and vehicle.

There is a condition; and that is, for these benefits to become a reality your organisation really has to be able to make full use of the information the Fleet Telematics system delivers. A lot of thought should go into what can really be achieved by the implementation of this system. The stated aims need to be realistic and the chosen product needs to contain all the features required to assist you in meeting your desired objectives.

The Features & functionality of our Fleet Telematics Solutions support OPERATIONAL NEEDS

  • Track or trace where the vehicle goes on-line in real time or historically
  • Track when the vehicle arrives & leaves expected destination
  • Monitor vehicle turn-around time and costly downtime
  • Route planning and location management
  • Ensure that vehicles are deployed for company use only
  • Monitoring vehicle utilization and driver productivity
  • Accident mamangement, security and risk management
  • Maintenance services/licenses reminder
  • Provide real-time information for management decisions